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Our Mission Strategy - January 05, 2011

We believe in Aussies reaching Aussies. In other words, we believe that no person can reach an Australian better than an Australian. Better than any foreign missionary, they know their own culture, understand their own ways and comprehend the subtle nuances unique to Australians. Why a missionary then? The answer is clear and simple. Romans 10:14 says "how shall they hear without a preacher?" Australians must first clearly hear the Good News of the Gospel. Once they hear and respond, we can then equip them to tell other Australians.

Becoming pastor of an Australian church is not one of our goals. Planting churches is our goal. We will accomplish this through a series of steps. When we arrive on the field, we will spend a year working with an existing independent fundamental Baptist church that has been planted by another missionary. While working with that church to assimilate to the Australian culture, we will live in an area of greater Brisbane where God will lead us to begin working to plant a church. This will be an area that does not currently have a Bible-believing and preaching Baptist church. We will begin a campaign of evangelism that will include home-based Bible studies, tract distribution, and door knocking as well as any other method that will prove itself viable. As the Lord gives us converts, we will begin to disciple them, particularly a man who will eventually become the pastor of the new church plant. Part of the discipleship process will be training the new converts how to evangelize their own people.



What 's more, when the new church is ready to be planted, we are going to allow the newly discipled pastor to have an integral part in the process. This way, he will take ownership of the church. It will become an indigenous church plant. We will perform whatever necessary and temporary duties as required, such as preaching and making visitations. However, our role will be secondary to the role of the indigenous pastor.

As the Holy Spirit leads, we will reduce our role to an advisory role. We will then look for an opportunity to step back and allow the church to maintain itself without our help. We will then start the process all over again in another area.

 Simply put, we are going to help Aussies build their own independent fundamental Baptist churches. In this way, they will own the church, not the missionary. The church will not need the missionary to sustain itself in the long haul and will have the greatest chance at long-term survival.

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