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Into the Unknown - July 31, 2010

After nearly one year of part-time deputation, school, and full-time jobs, Robert finally graduated from Arlington Baptist College. We were both able to leave our jobs and begin full-time deputation in June. We are asked from time-to-time what percentage level our support level is at. We are also asked how long deputation will last. The answer to the latter question is not clear. We will simply do our best to make appointments and present our field to as many churches as the Lord allows. We know that God has already decided which churches will support us financially, so the length of our deputation is up to the Lord's timing. Regarding our support level, as of this date, we are currently at about ten percent.



We maintain a level of excitement about what lies ahead for deputation and for our eventual transition onto the field at Brisbane. There are many opportunities for discouragement and many who unwittingly provide a source for potential discouragement. However, we are thrilled at the prospect of being God's instrument of blessing to others, and that is enough to maintain a positive attitude. We know that His supply will be enough for us in times of need.

As we sold all of our belongings in order to travel, we thought we had sufficiently downsized. Unfortunately, we needed a small U-Haul trailer in order to travel to our first full-time appointment in Ohio. It became obviously that we still had too much. We are now in the process of getting rid of more things that we thought we needed but really could do without. In the words of a veteran missionary's wife, we have to "close our eyes and start throwing things out."

Please pray for us that God will protect us while we travel. Not only do we need His physical protection, but also his preservation of our family as we endure trying times. In the meantime, we will do all things to His glory!

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